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Increase Revenue

Your IT service provider can be instrumental in helping you identify ways to increase revenue through the technological analysis of your current IT infrastructure

Decrease Costs

Decrease costs by quickly identifying areas of your current IT infrastructure that can be streamlined or improved in other ways to give you better results

Improve Productivity

We also help you streamline or create new processes that allow you to get more done in less time through automation or by implementing other technologies

We Understand That Our IT Services Only Make Sense If They Add Dollars To Your Bottom Line. We Make Recommendations That Add Measurable & Quantifiable Value To Your Business.

Dependable IT Solutions in Atlanta, Georgia

With the constant threat of cyber attacks looming around your business, you need an IT company that can deliver on promises of providing a secure network for your employees and your clients.

Our strategy is simple: Prevent cyber attacks from happening in the first place.

How do we achieve this? A multi-layered approach to IT security that includes:

  • Security assessment: We conduct audits of your system and make recommendations on how you can tighten security throughout your network.
  • Penetration testing: Every quarter we simulate an actual real-world, relevant cyber attack on your system. This allows us to easily identify vulnerabilities in your network and make the necessary adjustments.
  • Network and Wi-Fi security: There may be multiple points in your Wi-Fi setup where you are vulnerable to a cyber attack. We can secure your network at every point.

IT Security That You Can Depend On

iCare Technology Geeks works with a wide range of companies in various industries across the Greater Atlanta area. We can help you discover and implement IT solutions that protect your network while fostering business growth. We want to help you become more efficient and profitable through the use of computers, mobile devices, servers and other technology that drive your business.

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I love working with iCare Tech Geeks and the owner Lynette Furr. They know their stuff, they’re reliable, trustworthy and dependable. I’ve worked with iCare for 2 of my companies and have sent them several referrals, they will not let you down. In fact iCare Tech Geeks is my source for all things IT!

Velma TrayhamCeo, Millionaire Mastermind Academy & Thinkzilla Consulting Group, LLC

We Protect Your Company From What’s Out There

We all know that the ongoing threat of cyber attacks imminent. In fact, as you are reading this, there is probably an entity or individual trying to hack into your system right now. All they have to do is find one vulnerable opening in your network to steal your data or compromise your employees’ or customers’ privacy.

Cyber security is more than just a security issue. Your company’s reputation is on the line.

Cyber Security

If the public can’t trust that their information is being held securely, they’ll simply find a competing business to buy products or services from.

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Cloud Migration

We can simplify and streamline every process in your organization to save you time and money while uniting your entire workforce.

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Managed IT

Managed IT allows you to reduce your in-house costs by outsourcing your IT management to a local IT company in Atlanta, GA.

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IT Consulting

Rather than working with just a computer repair company, why not invest in an IT company can help you grow your business?

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