Why Us?

We Simplify The Way You Do Technology

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At iCare Technology Geeks, Inc., we find innovative, long-term solutions to complex technology problems.

Our Mission

We embrace an innovative spirit combined with a sincere empathy for our clients’ needs. We utilize the most advanced technology today to handle your IT infrastructure and protect your digital assets. From complete IT care and consulting to network wiring, installation, repair, troubleshooting, upgrades, and virus removal, you can trust iCare Technology Geeks, to sustain your company and create a platform for business growth.

We Handle Your IT Needs

One of the reasons why companies turn to iCare Technology Geeks is because they can trust us to handle their IT infrastructure. We do more than just take care of small problems or make a few upgrades. Every step of our process is designed to increase your productivity, maximize your profits, and create a scalable platform that allows your company to expand in any direction.

Furthermore, outsourcing your IT gives you a far greater return on your IT investment. Instead of hiring one person, paying large salaries, benefits, and facilities, you can partner with an entire team of specialists and an expert in every chair. Third-party managed IT allows you to save money while utilizing talented professionals who monitor your system 24/7.

You can place your software, hardware, and equipment in our hands and feel confident
that we are taking care of your organization every step of the way.

Our Vision

Our vision at iCare Technology Geeks is to help you optimize your resources and create a technology model that is sustainable and profitable. How do you create an efficient technology model? What tools do you use to sustain your network? We help you answer those questions and create a vision where your technology moves your business forward.

Why IT Companies Are More Valuable Than Ever

iCare Technology Geeks can help you utilize IT in a way that is profitable and enables you to grow your company. Our vision is to help you operate your business more efficiently by providing the IT tools you currently need.

IT services we provide include:

  • Help Desk Support
  • Managed IT Services
  • Managed Printer Services
  • IT Consulting
  • IT Staffing Services
  • Website Development & Internet Marketing Services
  • Cloud Computing Services
  • VOIP Services
  • Structured Network Data Cabling

If you’re like most business owners, you rely on information technology (IT) to help you with your key operations. IT is now at the center of core organizational processes such as:

  • Online Security
  • Collaboration & Creativity
  • Communication
  • Networking
  • Operational Protocols & Processes
  • Marketing & Promotion
  • Customer Service

The challenge you may be facing is understanding this technology and making the best use of it while trying to run your business.

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