COVID-19 has reshaped the working world. The pandemic has created a shift in where and how employees are working and what tools they are using to meet job demands. Cloud-based services have become more valuable, allowing teams to collaborate, communicate, and create on virtually all levels.

Microsoft 365 provides solutions that help companies streamline their internal processes without losing efficiency or productivity. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of Microsoft 365, and how using the cloud can promote a working environment – even at home.


Microsoft 365’s organization and storage of files, applications, and messages, has made navigation so easy. The software of Microsoft 365 has already sorted it all into their separate apps. The calendar feature makes it easy to plan, organize, and even share your plans with others.


Communication is key during a time when social distancing is absolutely necessary. Microsoft 365 has developed ways to communicate with ease including, instant group messaging, private direct message, and Outlook for email. An entire business can be included on a single project with Microsoft 365.


One of the most tempting features of the cloud is the idea that your computer never has to store any files that you do not wish to use offline. You have the option to immediately store and share a document in the cloud, as soon as it is created. If you ever want to edit a document offline, you also have the option to download and store the file on your computer.

User Friendly

Navigating software has never been easier. All of your most used applications such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel are accessible. There’s no reason to use multiple websites and platforms when almost everything you could ever use for your business is available to you through Microsoft 365.

Editing Ease

Collaboration on editing documents is also never an issue. Real-time editing is a feature that remote workers will want to be a part of. All of your documents will be available to share in the snap of a finger. Collaborative projects can be completed in real-time with multiple people working on a document all at the same time.

More and more people are working remotely, as leaders are urging people to stay home. Remote workers have begun to migrate to the cloud during social distancing. With all of the new features, it is easy to see why.

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